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Gassi, er sjálfmenntaður ljósmyndari og hönnuður. Fyrir utan að hafa unnið eingöngu við fjölmiðla s.l. 21 ár er hann hönnuður og grafískur hönnuður. Gassi hóf ljósmyndaferlil sinn árið 2003 og opnaði sitt eigið stúdió 2003 við Kirkjustétt í Grafarholti.

Sérstaða Gassa eru auglýsinga og blaðaljósmyndir.

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About Gassi

Two decades ago, Gassi, a renowned name in editorial and advertising photography around the world today, began his career as a progressive yet self-taught photographer. Gassi is known for his keen eye and his razor sharp detailing when it comes to professional advertising and editorial photography. Gassi’s talent is not limited to photography only, he is also a renowned graphic designer as well.

Gassi has roughly 20 years of professional media experience to his credit. He started off with his photography career back in 2003 and opened his studio in the same year in Reykjavik. This is where he began his journey for editorial and advertising photography.
Since then there has been no looking back for Gassi. He has worked on a number of large and small projects.

Gassi inspires thousands of people from all walks of life each and every day. The raw emotion and power that Gassi’s shot images bring to the world move people and inspire them to believe in miracles. Even today, when Gassi has established his name on a successful footing in Iceland and become renowned the world over, he still provides his clients with images that are not just eye catching or artistic but those which deliver an emotional experience for everybody who looks at them.

As a photographer, Gassi has shot the nature, the sun and the simple aspects of everyday life along with his advertising and editorial photographs. Each of his image has some kind of mesmerizing quality about it because he wants to showcase the purity and strangeness of everything he sees from his perspective. Naturalness and simplicity are the lifeblood of what Gassi does but there are magical elements thrown into his photography by his high end graphic designer skills that take his images to a level beyond the ordinary.

Currently Gassi is based in Iceland and working primarily as an advertising and editorial photography. Gassi is a multitalented individual and his diverse experiences and background contribute immensely to his versatility in his profession. Often Gassi draws on his previous experiences and creates highly inspiring, natural looking images along with his commercial looking images and behind the scenes aesthetics as well.

Gassi is known for his portraits and images and has enjoyed the privilege of working with some of the best names in the industry creating what turned out to be highly inspiring photographs and advertising campaigns. He has also worked for a number of brands in Iceland but his quest isn’t over yet. Gassi is continuously in search of something inspirational that will translate as the best creative images in the world. He wants to work with fun, loving people who wouldn’t say no to packing their bags and heading out in search of some moving shots from the nature or of people.

Gassi is one innovative and creative individual who happens to be the best when it comes to his camera and of course his keen perspective.  

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